Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aspen's Masterpieces

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Since Aspen LOVES to paint and draw "pictures", I really wanted to display her artwork.  I came up with this idea to show off her Masterpieces.  I took a piece of wood and painted it white.  I then painted on "masterpieces by Aspen Jade", and glued on a couple flowers and a butterfly to match her the artwork will be displayed in her room cause she loves it so much.

She so proud!!

Nina xo

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Weekend

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I know I am a week and a bit late for posting Easter weekend, but I have been busy all week getting ready for 2 events I had to do this past weekend, plus 3 doctors appt all on separate was a HECTIC week.  Now this week is catching up on work that I didnt get to last week....including my blogging.
So Easter weekend was a busy one as usual.  Friday we spent the day painting eggs for Easter, and other arts and crafts.

Aspens Easter Basket filled with the Easter eggs she painted!

We also made her favorite show, Small Potatoes!  For those who have not seen this cute little show, you tube it and watch.. Too cute and Aspen LOVES it!!  I think its the song she loves.  She will sometimes cry when its over!  She was SOOOO happy when I had surprised her with the small potatoes having google eyes and a place to sleep (just like they do on TV).

Surprised at the google eyes on her small they look like the real thing!

Aspen so excited to have her very own Small Potatoes!

And here her Small Potatoes are ready for bed.  She dressed them in her PJ bottoms!

 Saturday I spent 3 hours (7am - 10am) grocery shopping and picking up stuff for Easter brunch/lunch at our place for Sunday and then we went to Easter afternoon dinner at the inlaws.
Getting ready to go for Saturday Easter Dinner at the inlaws

Aspen in her Saturday Easter wear!

 Sunday woke up at 5am to start everything for brunch/lunch as everyone was coming over for 12pm, and we had to have things ready for Aspen so that when she woke up the Easter Bunny had been to our place!  She had such a great time when she woke up!!  She was so excited!!   I didnt end up getting her any chocolate for Easter.  She will have PLENTY of time to have that when she gets older!  But she did get a lot of little gifts and organic treats that she LOVES!!!

Easter Presents from Mommy and Daddy!

Easter presents that the Easter Bunny left outside!  Even a few HUGE Easter eggs filled with stuff....that sneaky bunny!

Aspen enjoying opening everything!

Did her Easter egg hunt and opening all the eggs to find little surprises in each one!

One Easter egg had a yellow catapiller!!  Now she has two!  LOVES these catapillers!

Everyone got to our place between 12 and 12;30pm..  We had all the food ready to go.....potato salad, macaroni salad, smoked ham, buns (babas sandwiches!!  yummy!!), Vince exotic Yam and seeds dish, BBQ lime shrimp, fruit tray, veggie tray, marshmellow coconut dessert (mom used to make this), fresh fruit cake thingy (soooo good!) and my yummy breakfast casserole!!!!    I should have taken a pic of the display of food and Easter decor on the island!  I LOVE doing these kinds of things.

The center Piece for the Island and having all the food around.

Aspen having a GREAT time putting bandaids on Uncle Danny (my brother)!  Yes he is TOTALLY asleep!

There;s one bandaid!

And she continues to put another!

LOL!  Still Sleeping!!

My brother takes after our Dido Mike!  ALWAYS ends up falling asleep!  Too funny.  My Brother Danny, Sisterinlaw Robin, Neice Brook and her Boyfriend Shay.

Aspen having fun with Aunt Ashley (vince's sister).  Ashley, Aspen and Gramma (Vince's Mom)

Vince, My dad, and Vinces Dad standing in the kitchen chatting it up.

Aspen getting more bandaids for Uncle Danny's face!  I wish I would have gotten a better pic of her Easter dress!!  This one was such a beauty!!  I bought it online and when it first arrived, Aspen wanted to wear it EVERYDAY for about a week!!  Lets jsut say it washes GREAT!  lol

What a great weekend!

Nina xo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Staying "Regular"

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Are you "Regular"?  Do you "go" everyday?  If not, you SHOULD get on it and get your body pooping everyday!!! 
Yes you heard me right......POOP!!  Something that a lot of people will avoid talking about!  But it is soooooo important to go everyday!
Over the years of training clients, one of the most important things I ask is "how are your bowel movements?".  Yes this is one of my important questions I ask ALL my clients!!  This tells you how the body is functioning as well.   I have had many of them tell me that they go a couple times a week!!  After I pick my mouth off the floor, I ask them how long this has happened for and tell me what they eat on a regular basis, and how what they eat from morning till night.

Too many people DONT go poop on a regular basis....its VERY toxic to the body.  If you are not going everyday then you are getting backed up, which means that poop is in your intestines for long periods of time which will get toxic.

I've had my daughter go through this a couple times.....I monitor her like a hawk!  Just want her to be healthy and not have any intestinal issues at a young age that will carry on with her for life!  The longest she has gone is 2 days of NOT going.  It was hard cause this is the time when she was getting potty trained, so its an uncomfortable feeling for them.  Plus she is a dairy lover!  So I had to cut back on the dairy.  She has only had a couple episodes of this over the past year and a half. 

She has been taking supplements (vitamins and minerals, and EFA;s, oh and acidophilus since birth), and I've been including some other beneficial foods to keep her bowels healthy and strong.  Last thing i want for her are weak bowels....she will have problems forever! So for all new moms out there....its VERY important for the bowels to be trained at a young age!

Here is a YUMMY recipe for your little ones that they WILL that you know they are getting in the fiber that is needed!  Remember,  most of us remove the skin (FIBER) from fruits for our kids to chew easier until they get older!!  I personally still do.....I NEVER liked the texture of the skin on fruit!!  So Im sure I always add in other fibers to my diet and also drink lots of water!!  Again for the moms....cut back on the juice as the sugars are not good for the digestive system.  It will plug your kiddies up!!  If kids are having a hard time drinking straight water cause they are used to the juice, then jsut add fresh lemon to the water.

Things you can add to your kids food are psyllium, ground flax (not seeds as seeds will not digest whole), wheat germ, and bran, jsut to give you some examples of things to add to foods!

Rice Krispie Squares
1/4 cup butter
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup Peanut butter (remember Natural Peanut Butter is healthy!!!  The other is NOT good for you!!)
1 bag marshmellows
4 cup rice krispie
2 cups psyllium

Melt butter on low heat - melt marshmellows and peanut butter in the butter, add your vanilla, then the rice krispies and psyllium.  Mix well.  Place into a greased 9 x 13 pan and let cool.


Nina xo

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